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Vocations in Life

A topic that my mind has been heavily thinking of recently is vocation. Vocation is basically living out your life as the person that God wants you to be, and doing what God has called you to be doing on this earth. In the last blog post, I talked about how I was excited because I finally have discovered this gift inside me that has been lingering for so long, and I am so excited to use it to fulfill God's plans for my life. However, as this realization has settled in, I have realized that however God wants me to use this special gift of mine might take me a while to understand.

I have been having some doubts about my vocation recently, which I am certain everyone feels these. How do you know this is what God is telling you to do? How do you know that you are not just listening to the voices of societal pressure around you, and mistaking it for God's voice? I guess I will never fully have the answer for you. However, is what I believe in, and have been holding onto recently to help calm my anxieties about this topic.

God would not lead you on the wrong track, your whole life, if you have good intentions. In the Bible it says that the Lord will bless you and protect you, and I truly feel that this has something to do with vocation in life. If you are actively trying your hardest to find God's voice in the midst of chaos, God is fighting just as hard as you are fighting. This has eased my mind a little about the whole topic. I am at that place where I am like alright, I found my gift. Now what? How do I use this in the correct way? As much as I am fighting and experimenting to find my right path of righteousness, God is also fighting right beside me.

So, if you are in a similar situation to me I hope this post reminded you that on your journey, you are not the only one fighting for some answers. God is right beside you, fighting for you too.

Here's a picture of tanner and I at my cousin's wedding:)

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