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Trust in Him

A lot of who you are comes from who you trust. Personally, I struggle with trust in my life, especially trusting in the Lord. It is something that I am trying to work on and strengthen while I grow into the person that I am today. One thing that has helped me is knowing that my trust belongs in the Lord. It is not a risky decision if I place my trust there. Like I talked about in my last post, trusting the people around you can sometimes be hard because your trust might be taken advantage of by them. But by renewing my mind in remembering that ultimately, our trust is supposed to be placed in the Lord. That is where the core of your trust should start from.

God will never betray your trust. This is something that is hard to wrap our head around with us being human beings and God being a divine being. He will never betray your trust, and this is what we have to remember when we place our trust in Him. This simple task can change your life and how you feel. For me, trusting in Him is something that brings me peace. It is supposed to bring me peace because my life is in the hands of a divine being, who loves me more than i will ever be able to understand.

It is sometimes easier, and sometimes hard to trust God and his plan for your life. I think we can all admit that we have been guilty of doubting him and slowly letting go of this trust when something bad happens in our life. God does not let these bad things in your life because he wants to see you suffering. Remember, the Lord says when we are suffering, he is suffering too. So why would he want to do this even to himself? It is hard to wrap your head around, but ultimately the Lord is letting this suffering happen because he knows that it will strengthen, help, teach, or help you obtain a new trait, or a new understanding of who the Lord is, and it will help you grow in some way to become a stronger person of the Lord. Jesus is willing to suffer with us through these things, because He believes so strongly that you will grow closer to the light of His love through this suffering. This is the only way to really understand why God places these hard things in our lives. And, this is the only way that our relationship can get deeper and stronger with our Lord.

I know this blog post has been all over the place, but my main point is that Jesus loves you, He wants you to succeed and he wants you to be happy. He is deserving of your trust because He already has a plan for your life and you CAN trust Him. He is the only one that you should put all ounce of your trust in. He will never betray you.

I thought this picture of a sunset can remind you that God is always in our midst:)

xoxo, Julia:)

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