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The Quiet

I feel like I am a very hard person to read, just because I will be quiet for one minute and then obnoxiously loud for another minute. I'm not sure why I am this way, it is just how I roll. If you have checked out my quotes section, you will see the quote that I found and reflected on saying, "The quieter you become, the more you can hear." It was then that I started thinking and letting my brain just spin about this thought. Because, when I did think about it, it made sense. This quote may sound silly, like duh if you are quiet you will be able to hear better, but I didn't understand this quote in that way, rather in a way that if you are quiet then you are able to hear the messages that are meant for you to be retrieved, that may be blocked by your constant need to be on the go, or to be talking. For me, this quote is complete truth. I now know how to put into words the reason why my heart calls me to be quiet for a couple minutes if I am in a crowded space. I hear God's voice through my quiet head. I hear my friends better, what they are trying to get across. I hear the things that are unsaid, the things that are going on all around me. I hear the intentions and the vibes of the people I am around, I hear the unspoken. This has helped me understand the people that I am closest with in such an amazing and different way. It not only helps you to hear better, it provides to you a minute for yourself. It helps you to re-analyze what you are doing, or maybe just do something as simple as look up and say hi to God. All these things are benefits of just having a moment for yourself. There really is no reason not to do this, especially if you are feeling overwhelmed. So, if you are reading this I inspire you to try it out, and see how it works for you, because it has become something very effective in my life.

xoxo, Julia

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