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Remembering Him Through Everything

This is a hard topic to talk about for me because it is definitely something that I struggle with, as I am sure everyone does. Every time someone asks me something like “Do you only turn to God when you are struggling?” I am like oh shoot, maybe I do. It is definitely something that I am trying to work on.

So, if you are trying to work on this too, you are not alone. I have been trying to work on this for some time now. Here are my experiences with it.

It all starts in training your mind. It is hard to get your mind there, but once you train your mind to see God in the good things, turn to him in the good things, and talk to him about the good things just as much as the bad things, I have started experiencing it as second nature. The way that I started training my mind was with remembering God and talking to him every time I shower. This tradition has helped me immensely.

One day I just imagined, if I was God, how annoyed would I be? Honestly, If millions of people turn to talk to me every day and all they say is things that they want, or things that they hate, or things that they need to change, or the pain someone is in, I would be mad too. Just because, when you look down on it, everything that we receive and every single incident, trial, triumph, pain, relationship, and friendship was sent to your journey of life for a reason. So try not to complain about it! I know it is hard to understand why this is happening to you, but It was sent by GOD for a reason. And if you truly believe that He loves you, you will trust that this struggle, the pain, the emptiness, that God knows you will come out the other side. Guys, I have been there. I have been so mad at God to the point where I don't even have hope anymore that God had a reason for allowing this certain thing to happen to me. But, like He promised us, He proved me wrong, and helped me get through it better than I was before. Just keep holding on, and you will get there with Him. Just how every “bad” thing is sent for a reason, so is every good thing. This is why we must turn to Him also in the good things, because they are from him.

James 1:17

“Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting shadows.”

And as for the hard times in your life, remember that God does not inflict pain on you. He does not long to see you hurting, because when you hurt, the Lord hurts as well. However, He will not let something happen in your life that He does not know you will be able to make it through to the other side. He allows this in your life, because He knows that if you turn to Him and trust Him, you will ultimately be able to make it to the other side somehow, even if it seems impossible.

However, God is responsible for the good gifts and the grace and blessings that we receive every day. Ultimately, we deserve none of this. We are all filthy sinners. Every good and perfect gift is from above. So, remember to turn to Him in the Good too. Find a way that will help you remember and train your mind. Because ultimately God deserves eternal thank you’s for all that He has done for us.

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