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Balance in Life

Balance is one very important aspect to a successful life. This is also something very challenging for me at times, and it is 100% something that I struggle with. But, maintaining a balanced life will help you greatly in the long run.

First things first, it is very important to know why having a balanced life is important because why would we want to do something that we don't know what the effects are, right? When you balance your life correctly, one thing that you will gain is better judgement. Your perspective on life or a certain topic will not be so fully engulfed by one topic in you life. Instead, you will gain a better perspective of the idea/topic and you will be able to make better and more beneficial decisions. Secondly, balancing your life will help you provide a sense of peace. You will have peace knowing that you are giving every single aspect of your life the time that it needs. If you live a life unbalanced, this will cause stress in feeling like you are letting some parts of who you are slip away right from under you. The third thing is that it almost provides a road map for your life in a way. It helps you make sure that you are living your life in a way that is most beneficial to you, and it makes sure that you getting enough out of every single aspect of you life, not overcrowding your life with something and leaving a crucial aspect of your life out to dry. There are many many other reasons why balancing your life is crucial to a healthy lifestyle, but I hope you get the point.

So, saying this, now how do you exactly live a balanced life? Well, sadly there is no black and white definition of a balanced life. It is going to look different for everyone. For me, balancing my life out is really just looking at my life, and knowing my priorities, but also recognizing the little things that i must do in order to keep myself happy. It is really important to prioritize your health over the health of the world. One example of this in my life is that I have a friend that loves to be always doing something 24/7, and she hates being alone or at her house. So, whenever I am with her, she never wants to leave. Even though the ideas that she proposes to me seem very fun and tempting, I try my hardest to remember that it is very important for me to have my alone time, and to focus on myself and just be alone with my mind to balance life out. So, it is important to just set your priorities in your head so that you can make sure your life is being lived out in the correct way, and also just to make sure you are okay at the end of the day.

Always remember, that at the end of the day it is your life that you are living. If you hurt someone's feelings just because you are trying to do what is best for you, that is okay. Thats life. Don't be so worried about saying no to somebody here and there or reaching out to an old friend that you have been thinking about recently. Because I have discovered recently that when you have a feeling in your heart about someone or something, it is God who puts that there. He is tugging on your heart, because more often than not that person will be needing someone like you just as much as you need them.

Don't get too engulfed in one thing or the other, because then your body will become disoriented and you will start to shape your life in a way that makes that thing an idol to you. Keep things even throughout, and most of all just be aware of all this. And like I always say, you are never alone:)

Below is a cute picture of my kittys that are a big reason why I love to be home and have my alone time-with these cuties.

xoxo Julia

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