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Today I wanted to come on here and post a little something on mental health. This is a really hard topic to write about and I worry about saying the wrong thing or saying something that will offend someone. It truly is a really rough topic that can be near and dear to many hearts and that may hit home for many people. So today, I just wanted to start off by talking about anxiety.

I think anxiety is something that is brought on by many different factors. However, I think the main factor is the society we live in. I've said it many times and I will say it again, the society that we live in is one of the most corrupt and dangerous places to be. So yes, I do believe that our society is part of the issue. Of course there are many other factors that contribute to anxiety within our hearts. But, because of the world we live in, I honestly do not think anxiety is a sin. I think what you do with your anxiety and how you handle it is maybe the part that makes it a sin. And I know that saying this may cause controversy, but if the society ingrained in our world today is causing this issue, than how are we really supposed to control it from interfering with our lives at some point?

I am very familiar with what anxiety looks like. My mom has struggled with anxiety my whole life, so I am very aware of it. My sister also struggles with it pretty badly. I have my moments, but I am very lucky to be able to say that I do not struggle with it very badly. And because of this, I will never fully understand what to say or what exactly will help a person struggling. But I would do anything to take that pain away from them, so I am at least going to try and help maybe a tiny bit by sharing what helps me when I have my moments of anxiety and what I believe will help someone struggling.

First, we need to get out of our heads that anxiety is a sin. I wish our world was all rainbows and butterflies and I wish that when we read "do not fear" over and over again in the bible that it will just magically stop us from being anxious. I really do wish it was that easy. It is important to understand that God is not mad at you for the way you are feeling, He wants you to let him help you. And ultimately, He is the only one that can help you. He is hurting with you. I know that in the moment it seems as if nothing can take away this restlessness from your heart, but if you can just train yourself to look up to God, ask for his presence, He will work with you through it. It must always be remembered that at the end of the day, your time on this earth is very small compared to your eternity in heaven. Let your heart remember that and remind yourself of this during times of panic. You must not be so worried about things in life that it runs you dry. This is not the way God made you. This is not why He made you either.

God will never leave you out to dry. I know it may feel like that sometimes where your whole world is going against you, but I promise, as some would say "if there is a will there is a way." And this is completely true with God. Turn to him when you feel anxious. I know sometimes you will maybe not be able to feel him there with you helping you, but He is at work. He is working for your good. He has given you the resources that you need to be able to have a way out of it. I promise.

I hope this helps in some tiny way. Always remember you are loved:)

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