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An Exciting Realization

I feel like I may have found my purpose on this earth and it wasn’t until a couple of weeks ago that I realized it. I have been very busy with college and starting school and summer classes that I have been very distracted and not made time to post on my blog, but I am challenging myself to do better and hold myself to a higher standard. So recently, I was brainstorming with my essay counselor for my college apps, and it was the first time I came to a very unique realization about myself. I have always wondered why I have felt and expressed things differently than the normal person. All of my friends have always told me that I understand them in a unique and profound way. And now, I finally know why. I am both a left-sided and a right sided brained person, when most people are just one side. This ability has allowed me to be able to understand and comprehend better than the normal person. I truly believe that God has blessed me with this special ability so I could help others around me. Through this ability, I have been able to pertain information from people and understand where they are coming from, like no one has ever been able to before. It makes sense to me now, why I am so passionate about writing. Why I love sharing my thoughts and opinions on things, and why I am so passionate to talk to others when they are going through something tough. I am able to make people understand other people better, and am able to open a new perspective for people that didn't even know they were missing out on anything. It feels so fulfilling that I have found the one thing that makes me special, and honestly is a very big part of who I am.Not being able to see life from a different perspective could very well be a big factor on why there is so much controversy, anger, and violence in our society. I am starting to think I may just be the start of a new generation that is able to see everything with love, and see everyone with love, just how God has made us to be. I am excited to see where this special skill takes me throughout life, and I am excited to see the change and the love that I can bring to this world through God's love.

Here's a cute picture of me and my wholesome friends:)

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