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A surface level world

I think I am honestly just in awe of this topic and so affected by it everyday that I wanted to take some time to write about it. Also, I am so passionate about this topic that it is even hard to get out the right words that will do j

ustice for this topic. So if I say something that sounds weird or funky just bear with me I’m trying my best here. What I am here to talk about today is how our whole world today is a surface level world. Of course there are some exceptions, but for the most part, It actually just amazes me.

I think my biggest thing is how fake people

can be to one another. I catch myself sitting down somewhere having a conversation with someone that I later find out hates me for no reason. I see people that I know talking and laughing with people that they claim they “hate.” I see so many situations that just make me so confused because it just makes me wonder who is this person lying to or being fake to. Maybe they are being fake to themselves by telling themselves something that they don’t believe in their heart. Maybe they were lying to me because they thought it would somehow satisfy me in some way or make me like them more if I were to know information like that. Or maybe they just frankly could care less and do not even think twice about these things. I’m not sure why

these things bug me so much but I am such a hearty and deep person that I guess I just get disappointed when I don’t receive that. I think before everything I do or say etc. It is really hard to find a good group of friends that genuinely cares about you, wants what is best for you, and will care for you, which is quite frankly really sad to say. I see so many friendships built around me just straight out for the wrong reasons. So many.

The other part of this time I just wanted to kind of focus on the point that people are very good actors in this day and age. You may see someone and then later hear something about this person that completely shocks you. Our world is so surface level that when you first meet someone, they would never share anything that they are going through inside their hearts or what they are battling. Even if you know someone very very well, you still may be surprised by a person’s ba

ttle on the inside that they are facing. Everybody is going through something no matter how big or small, and I think it is important to remember that. I have had many friends trust me with information that they were deeply hurting inside when from the outside, that thought would have never even crossed my mind. It is actually crazy the stuff and the amount of pain that people are going through that go unknown. This is the importance of a deep caring friendship, because the human soul ultimately needs someone to talk to in the long run and they need companionsh

ip. It is absolutely crazy that people do not feel comfortable enough to tell a good friend what is on their heart. That just proves to you just how crazy our world really is. Anyways, this is my little rant on why I have been frustrated lately. Just know that if you are reading this, I care about you more than you know and I am always here for anybody who God puts in my path. I know that there are good people in this earth too don’t get me wrong. I am lucky enough to know these people and call them my friends and companions. These are just the things I have noticed living in 2021 and going to high school. Love you all friends.

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